Girls Go Hard Lifestyle Expo

Girls Go Hard Lifestyle Expo celebrates the strength and courage of women.  Our Lifestyle Expo is a platform for women to promote themselves and share what they have with the community. Serving as mothers, daughters, wives, friends, philanthropists, business owners, patrons and some have served our country.  If your business is ran or owned by women, and/or serves women, we want you!  We are celebrating survival! Through many types of adversity women overcome.  Join us in the celebration!  Fellas we love ya...but Girls Go Hard!

The World Should Know Her Name

The World Should Know Her Name was a total art experience created and produced by AGITO.  Through portraits of strength and courage, 20 breast cancer survivors were honored and told their story.  

"You Are Not Forgotten"  is our military edition of The World Should Know Her Name.  

At Girls Go Hard Lifestyle Expo the celebration of survival continues!

We will honor our female veterans at this expo!!! 

Once again displaying strength and courage through photography, video and providing a total art experience.

more coming soon

You Are Not Forgotten

When the Darkness Closes in, Embrace it, and know it will be apart of you forever.  But also know that it is neither the Dark Nor The Light Of your past that Defines Who you are.

It is what you choose to do and who you choose to be, Now, Today, and Tomorrow.  You Are still a SOLDIER now, and for as long as you breath.  The title you Earned , So Embrace this pain , Renew your Vision, And Conquer Your Storm.  

Take Back Your Life , Trust in your brothers, Trust in your sisters, Trust in Yourself, you have not Fallen to Far, 

You are Not Forgotten

-Dominique Pruitt, Army

Are you a female Veteran?  

If so, Tell Us About Yourself

If you or someone you know is a female veteran and would like to participate as one of our honorees please fill out the form.  Tell us more about you and why you would like to be a part of the expo.  Please be aware that participating means you are willing to be photographed and interviewed as a SURVIVOR featured in our expo.   More details will come!  Thank you for your service.

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